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Saturday, August 27, 2005
'Tis an unusual day

After my PSC interview this afternoon, I saw two guys chasing this other dude in City Hall MRT station. They ran from the level below the control station to the level below that and then back up to the control station level. All this time shouting "Stop him! Stop him!" I guessed the guy in front was probably a thief but no one knew for sure because the guys chasing him only yelled "Stop him! Stop him!". Being able to run through a crowd so quickly without tripping or getting caught (not yet anyway) is actually quite impressive. Too bad he wasn't anywhere near me or else I can try some Army close combat moves I just learnt on him.

But compared to this guy (in photograph), Army close combat training is way uncool. This mysterious master swordsman was practising his swordplay on the carpark roof when my father spotted him. It's a pity the carpark was so far away, otherwise I could secretly learn some of his skills. If you happen to be him and don't like your picture posted here, please don't slice me with your sword because SAF didn't teach me how to tackle an attacker with a sword.

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