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Sunday, July 13, 2008
Instant Success -vvw

I watched Kungfu Panda some time ago. I would say it is a pretty good movie but this plot entry is not really about the show. It is about how if you dream all day, you can suddenly get what you want.

That seems to be the attitude these days with all those talent shows around. People think they can become superstars overnight when the time comes. While I see the value of believing in oneself, I can't help but feel that Kungfu Panda is also promoting this notion of instant success.

Here you have a panda who dreams about kungfu, practices for a few days and he becomes the ultimate dragon warrior. Kinda sad for Tigress and the rest of the Furious Five, isn't it? What is the show trying to teach us? Years of discipline and hard work is nothing compared to dreams, belief in self and "fate"?

This goes against all the stuff they taught me when I was a kid. Either I am outdated or I have been fed a lot of bullshit. I guess I should just buy lottery and dream about striking it rich. Maybe working your ass off doesn't really pay after all.

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