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Friday, February 24, 2006
Shizuka Arakawa wins gold! -vwv

Japan's first Olympic figure skating wonder the radiant smile.
Her free skate was flawlessly beautiful. She has improved since the last time I saw her skate, not as mechanical as before and smiling much more. I would have loved to see more triples and triple-triple jumps but it was very good as it is. Well done!

My greatest fear has come true, poor Sasha is still unable to break that pattern of making mistakes at critical competitions. Still, besides the fall, the rest of her program was quite remarkable, typical of what I would expect of Sasha Cohen. At least she didn't go home empty-handed like back in Salt Lake.

Ah, Irina Slutskaya, quite the veteran on the ice. She did pretty good but too bad it wasn't her day as well. I thought age would have caught up with her but it looks like I am mistaken. I don't expect to see her in 2010. I sure am going to miss her triple-double-double jumps.

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Yiheng made
11:36 PM


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Friday, February 17, 2006
Figure Skating

Torino 2006 Figure Skating Schedule
I used to watch figure skating events on TV while I was studying in Canada. Ever since I returned to Singapore a few years ago, I lost track of who's who and whatever is going on in world of competitive figure skating. Then recently I visited the NBC Olympics site and discovered that...gasp!...Irina Slutskaya, one of my favourites back then, is reigning World champion! Wow, and after recovering from serious medical problems too. Sasha Cohen, my other favourite, is still pretty powerful. I hope she doesn't lose concentration during her program this time like she did on a number of occasions before. It's going to be another exciting competition this year.
(If you're reading up athlete profile, check out Shizuka Arakawa, I like her style as well.)

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Yiheng made
11:16 AM


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Monday, February 06, 2006
What I did last week

Occasionally, I try to recall what I did on long holidays that has passed some months or years ago and find that I could not remember how the time was spent. It is as if I spent weeks idling. But I know it can not be because it is not my nature to do that. However, it would be good if there is some 'proof' that the time was not wasted. That way, there would no longer be that uncertainty of guilt.

Therefore, this entry is written to remind myself how I spent the Chinese New Year and the recent long chain of Offs so that I can read it and think to myself: "That was a productive holiday."

1. I learnt how to use iMovie. It was a pretty simple and intuitive application but a good introduction to video editing nonetheless.

2. I also tried to do some 3D modelling in Maya. This was hard, especially when I have zero training in this field. I'm working on a human face with polygons right now. I should get a book on this someday.

3. I finally finished reading Bram Stoker's Dracula. It's not bad except that some parts are rather unnecessarily long-winded. Many of the characters don't really have unique personalities. I like Mina Harker. She's smart, noble(I'm actually quite sick of this word as Stoker uses it so often) and has a cool long first name - Wilhelmina. Count Dracula somehow reminds me of Sherlock Holmes.

4. Played quite a bit of Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. Not very productive here but at least entertaining. Also played DotA with army friends.

5. Started an endowment plan, or whatever it's called.

6. Grandma's death anniversary, cousin's housewarming and send sister off at airport.

That's what I can remember so far. Time for bed.

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Yiheng made
11:14 PM


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