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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Korea Trip Photos

Phew! Finally uploaded the first batch of photographs from my Korea trip.
Here's the link: Korea Trip 2005
The photos I have uploaded so far were taken with my Mum's Nikon Coolpix 4200. Those of you who know me well enough will know that I much prefer using my parent's old Nikon FM2 because well, it is fully manual, has interchangeable lenses and it is the first camera I used. Moreover, I also like to tell people that the camera I am using is older than me and it's working just fine. Nowadays, I use the digital camera for taken random shots of people and interesting things but I reserve the more serious, scenic shots for the manual camera. The photos from the manual Nikon has been developed but I have not yet scanned them. I will probably put them up later this week.

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Yiheng made
5:51 PM


reminds me of the korean trip me, qh, vic and raymond went when we orded. seems long time ago. its been 3 yrs wow.
i guess u went on a tour? how many days was it? i wonder if the itinerary ever change. The everland and palace sounds familiar.

By Anonymous anthony, at 1:36 PM  

yup, 7 day tour. I think the itinerary is roughly the same lah, everyone who has been to Korea seems to have the exact same experience haha
By Anonymous Yiheng, at 11:15 PM  

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Duties, Duties, Duties, ARGHH!!!

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Yiheng made
2:22 PM


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Crazy Week

It's been a crazy week. So many things are happening, I had to break the week into so many entries. Hopefully, I have time to sort out the photographs from my Korea trip next week.

Wednesday, 26 Oct 2005
The battalion's Talentine + Deepavali + Hari Raya celebration is held today. As usual, the signal platoon is responsible for organizing the entire thing, from designing the stage to decorating to backstage crew for the performances. It doesn't really help when tasks are assigned so "last-minute". I helped out a little less as I was performing Fly Me To The Moon with Jiangzheng. Anyway, that was a disaster too. My sergeant didn't realize that the microphone was off for half the song and as a result, my keyboard and JZ's guitar were barely audible. How anti-climatic after a month of practice.

Thursday, 27 Oct 2005
Air pistol training for the Inter-Formation Air Weapons Competition. We got to use the new pistols that use gas canisters to fire the pellets. That means no more energy sapping cocking of the pistol after every shot. I like the new pistol. The recoil is less than the old model I used to use. I had some trouble with my first series of 40 shots, hadn't figured out how to hold the thing. My second series was my all time record of 319 out of 400 (max score for each shot is 10, therefore 400 is max for 40 shots). For crappy shooters like me, going above 300 is rare man. I had never even gone above 270 before. Really strange.

Friday, 28 Oct 2005
Today is the commissioning of the new Singapore Light-Weight Howitzer. If you own the Zaobao today, it's the thing the Chinook helicopter is carrying on the front page. As usual, big shots like Minister Teo and colonels and stuff are there so we have to make everything nice nice, be super kiasu and set up everything ultra early and then wait and wait and wait. And when everything is over, we have to pack up, return stores and book out late and pay for our own dinners because the camp cookhouse has closed. Frankly speaking, as impressive as the specifications for the new howitzer sounds, it doesn't look half as impressive an engineering marvel as the Chinook that carried it.

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Yiheng made
1:56 PM


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Visit to Tea Chapter and Chinese Orchestra

I went to 茶渊(Tea Chapter) with Jiangzheng yesterday and had some 千里香(Thousand Mile Fragrance), which is a kind of 乌龙(Oolong Tea). It was supposed to have the fragance of fruits and flowers but the fruit part wasn't so obvious. Anyway, I like spending quiet time in a comfortable setting sipping tea. Not many people I know like that, maybe it's something only old people like me like to do.

Here's the stuff we used. We got the Korean table this time.

The 闻香杯 and 品茗杯 if I didn't remember wrongly.

After that I went with Jiangzheng to his Chinese Orchestra practice session. The people there were young, primarily made up of secondary school kids and younger. The atmosphere was very relaxed, totally unlike the highly disciplined practices I had in the military band in secondary school. And I finally got to see the girl whom Jiangzheng claimed resembles Zhang Ziyi. Here's a picture of Zhang Ziyi, in the improbable case that you don't know who that is.

I don't think the girl looks that much like Zhang Ziyi except perhaps for the long, straight hair. But she is really pretty though, so maybe it is justified to claim the resemblance?

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Yiheng made
12:30 PM


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A DBS Visa Platinum Evening with Elaine Paige

I attended the last performance of Elaine Paige's concert tour with Shuquan yesterday. The concert was WOW!! Worth every dollar I spent, even though our seats were damn far away from the stage. She's a really versatile performer and has a sense of humour too. Britain's First Lady of Musical Theatre indeed! The songs included classics from past musicals, Gershwin and some recent stuff as well. She cracks some jokes along the way, my favourite part is when she was thanking the sponsors and she said, "It's DBS.... right?"

The band of about six people playing the music was also really cool. Some of the members take on multiple roles. The percussionist on the left also plays the flute and saxophone solos. The pianist is also the conductor and musical director.

One thing I noticed about the audience is that Singaporeans are a lazy lot. They only stand up when Elaine Paige walks to their side of the stage. Otherwise, they clap in their seats. I must admit though, that we were really enthusiastic in giving applause, it went on for a really long while.

Maybe I should buy her CD when my allowance comes. Watching a good concert is really therapeutic; it made me temporarily forget the onslaught of duties awaiting me in Khatib Camp.

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Yiheng made
11:20 AM


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Section Outing on 23rd October

Just received the pictures from the section outing on Sunday. It's a pity some of my section mates were unable to attend due to illness and other stuff; life must be really stressful in the working world. Photographs courtesy of Shimin. Thanks! The quality of the pictures taken with her phone camera is pretty good eh?

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Yiheng made
11:05 AM


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Saturday, October 15, 2005
Outta town

I'm gonna be in South Korea for a week. I'll be back with pictures. No army for ONE WHOLE WEEK! Whoohoo!!!

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Yiheng made
5:15 PM


so how was korea? did you enjoy yourself?! food and babes are pretty good there.. *wink*
By Blogger gooofygal, at 8:22 AM  

yeah, it was pretty fun. the food was ok but every meal was somewhat similar to the last. same goes for the babes.
By Anonymous Yiheng, at 1:47 PM  

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Saturday, October 08, 2005
吾明 3/3 ......(unicode-UTF8)




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Yiheng made
12:12 PM


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Ger Ger!

My sis let her out again.

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Yiheng made
11:32 AM


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Saturday, October 01, 2005
吾明 2/3 ......(unicode-UTF8)




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Yiheng made
10:53 AM


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