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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Crazy Week

It's been a crazy week. So many things are happening, I had to break the week into so many entries. Hopefully, I have time to sort out the photographs from my Korea trip next week.

Wednesday, 26 Oct 2005
The battalion's Talentine + Deepavali + Hari Raya celebration is held today. As usual, the signal platoon is responsible for organizing the entire thing, from designing the stage to decorating to backstage crew for the performances. It doesn't really help when tasks are assigned so "last-minute". I helped out a little less as I was performing Fly Me To The Moon with Jiangzheng. Anyway, that was a disaster too. My sergeant didn't realize that the microphone was off for half the song and as a result, my keyboard and JZ's guitar were barely audible. How anti-climatic after a month of practice.

Thursday, 27 Oct 2005
Air pistol training for the Inter-Formation Air Weapons Competition. We got to use the new pistols that use gas canisters to fire the pellets. That means no more energy sapping cocking of the pistol after every shot. I like the new pistol. The recoil is less than the old model I used to use. I had some trouble with my first series of 40 shots, hadn't figured out how to hold the thing. My second series was my all time record of 319 out of 400 (max score for each shot is 10, therefore 400 is max for 40 shots). For crappy shooters like me, going above 300 is rare man. I had never even gone above 270 before. Really strange.

Friday, 28 Oct 2005
Today is the commissioning of the new Singapore Light-Weight Howitzer. If you own the Zaobao today, it's the thing the Chinook helicopter is carrying on the front page. As usual, big shots like Minister Teo and colonels and stuff are there so we have to make everything nice nice, be super kiasu and set up everything ultra early and then wait and wait and wait. And when everything is over, we have to pack up, return stores and book out late and pay for our own dinners because the camp cookhouse has closed. Frankly speaking, as impressive as the specifications for the new howitzer sounds, it doesn't look half as impressive an engineering marvel as the Chinook that carried it.

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