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Sunday, August 21, 2005

I was playing Jeopardy (the computer game based on the game show in the U.S.) with my friend yesterday. One of the questions that appeared in the Sports category had the answer "Mario Lemieux". I thought really hard and I couldn't remember Mario's last name. That's when it hit me that I haven't been in Canada for a really long time now. Damn! I'm starting to forget small details of Canada bit by bit without even realizing it.

Another thing I really miss back in Toronto is watching Jeopardy with friends. It's a pity Jeopardy isn't shown in Singapore. It's seems Singapore do not enjoy watching game shows that are designed for knowledgeable people. With the exception of a small part of Singapore's Brainiest Kids, the really expensive questions in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and Scholar of Scholars (this is difficult partly due to European names translated to Chinese), the rest of the game shows shown in Singapore are so easy they insult my intelligence. Perhaps difficult questions make many viewers feel that they are stupid and people don't like that.

Another plus point Jeopardy has over most game shows is that the pace is very fast -- more than 1 question per minute. That means I don't get bored waiting for the next question. Having many questions that I do not have the answer to also means that I can actually learn something.

Anyway, if you feel offended that I have, in any way, implied that you are stupid, feel free to come to my house and we'll settle the issue over a game of Jeopardy!

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