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Thursday, August 25, 2005
How my friends almost got a free meal...

Monday was Combat Shoot. For those who didn't serve real National Service, Combat Shoot is when soldiers use their rifles to shoot 90 targets in the day, 90 targets at night, 6 targets at a time in teams of 6 people. You are considered a marksman if your team got 144 hits out of the 180. That's an average of 24 hits out of 30 per person. And here comes the most important part - you get $200 for being a marksman.

My team consisted of 4 good shooters (those who got marksman last year) and two other guys. One of them is an average shooter, which is fine because you are allowed to shoot his target for him if he misses (although you will run out of bullets for your own targets later on). Night shoot was supposed to be pretty difficult but my parents gave me good eyes and the targets looked almost as clear as they do in the day.

I think I hit about 28 out of 30... definitely above 26. The results were not out yet but I don't think my team got the 6x$200 because one bloody guy missed 90% of his targets and he bloody kept quiet. And when the team was discussing strategies to improve our shooting for the night shoot, that guy was chatting with people somewhere else. Freaking hell! I think we would've gotten marksmen if he gave us all his ammo and we shoot his targets for him. And so the idiot deprived the team of $1200.

Anyway, I would've used the $200 to give my friends a treat but sorry man, looks like ain't nobody's gonna get no free meal.

p.s. on a related note, I noticed some people seems to be able to fire at targets 8 times using a magazine which was supposed to contain only 5 rounds. (Sarcastic tone) Wow! Isn't it amazing how some high ranking people in the SAF have managed to master the art of magically producing bullets out of nowhere?!

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Yiheng made
6:27 PM


Aaawwww... free meal!!! Sigh

By Blogger fEatHeRs, at 4:49 PM  

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