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Sunday, May 25, 2008
Poesysteme -vvx

Here's an interesting word game you can download for free. It's called Poesysteme.

In this game, you can create "words". These words will then roam the landscape, meet other words and even produce children words. The children will be new words made from parts of the parents. Essentially, the words are like the genetic material of the creatures.

After a while, most of the words roaming the landscape would have evolved so much they are barely recognizable. The program even generates a poem made from the descendant words.

Here's a poem my words created.

I also noticed an interesting behaviour in this evolution simulation. When I run the simulation for a sufficiently long time, the diversity of the existing "gene pool" seems to decrease. Since there aren't any pressure for selection here, I believe I am witnessing genetic drift in action!

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You did to get a life.
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