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Monday, May 19, 2008
Lucid Dreams -vvv

I have been having some bizarre dream experiences lately. It's like some sort of second-level lucidity in dreaming.

In what I call normal lucid dreams, one is aware that one is dreaming. In my recent dreams, I am not aware that I am dreaming but in my dream within a dream, I am aware. That is really strange.

Basically, this is how my dream went. I walked into a bus stop. A few minutes later, I fell asleep and started dreaming (dreaming within a dream). In this dream, I am also in a bus stop but I realize that I am now dreaming.

In fact, I proceeded to scrutinize the faces of everyone at the bus stop because I was curious how the faces of random people in dreams were generated by the brain. Anyway, they all looked the same, so I concluded that my subconscious must be drawing from one of the people I saw at the bus stop a few minutes ago before I fell asleep. I didn't realize that the whole scene at the bus stop before I fell asleep was actually part of a dream.

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Yiheng made
12:49 PM


I had this one recurring dream before. Its like I'm waking up from sleep and then start moving around the house and doing stuff until I start to realise that I'm actually dreaming. I become lucid upon realising that the things can't happen in reality ie. flying 3-legged cats, people eating my intestines etc.

Then I wake up and start my day, only to find some anomaly in it that I realise that I'm still in a dream.

Then I wake up. THis cycle continues on for 7-8 iterations. So is this called N-level lucid dreaming?

Anyway, I sort of realised that it was impossible to break out of that dream on my own volition, so in a sense it is semi-lucid

By Blogger Soqcrates, at 12:08 PM  

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