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Sunday, December 23, 2007
Sichuan Trip part 6 -vvv

Day 6: 14 Nov 2007

We left for Danba after breakfast. Sansao gave us a packet of dried goose egg fungus and some of her Xiaojin apples as a farewell gift. It happened to be Yang Qing’s birthday and she wanted to go shopping in Xiaojin town, which was halfway to Danba, so we let her squeeze in the car with us.

There were some monuments along the way related to the Long March undertaken by the Red Armies of the Communist Party of China. I’m not much of a history buff so that didn’t really interest me.

On the outskirts of Danba town, we visited the Mount Moerduo lamasery. Mount Moerduo is one of the major holy mountains in Tibetan culture. The lamasery itself is built around a giant boulder with an interesting tale behind it. As the story goes, two deities, Moerduo and Siguniangshan, took part in some form of competition. Moerduo lost and the penalty was to reside wherever the other chose. Moerduo was instructed to live in Danba and that was how the mountain got there. I can’t remember exactly how the plot develops after that but it roughly involves Siguniangshan hurling the giant boulder from Rilong to its current location.

Me at Moerduo temple

We reach the county seat of Danba around lunch time. There was a surprisingly large number of new hotels in the town. They must have sprung up in recent years, after Danba was featured in the Chinese National Geographic. We managed to get a room for 4 at an incredibly low 130 RMB. This hotel had the best rooms we had seen so far.

"The brigande abandons Jin Shan Youth Hostel". Huh?

Danba buildings have pipes leading down to the river. Disturbing.

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