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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Noisy Singapore -vvw

I was just telling Shuquan how after enjoying a week of tranquility in the mountains, I found taking a bus ride in Singapore deafening. Coincidentally, today's papers had an article covering the same issue.

Bus, MRT and Chinese restaurant among S'pore's noisiest locations

Not surprisingly, some people they interviewed found the noise level acceptable. No wonder people blast their music so loud; they must all be suffering from some degree of hearing loss. Personally, I find Singapore a very noisy place. When I listen to music on my iPod, the ideal volume setting when I am in my room is practically inaudible when I am at a bus stop or on an MRT train.

You can't always blame the people though. Singapore buses have very noisy engines. Whoever set the volume of the voice announcements on the NEL MRT trains needs to have his ears examined too!

Here's an experiment for you readers. Next time you're on the MRT, speak a sentence at normal volume and see if you can hear yourself.

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Yiheng made
8:46 PM


You don't really notice the sounds on the train or bus. Its like we're used to it. But I also noticed on the train I have to raise my ipod volume up a few notches in order to hear the music.

Contrastingly my office is really quiet. You can speak at 50 decibels (which is the normal talking volume in the article) and someone in the other end of the office can hear you.

By Blogger Soqcrates, at 12:21 AM  

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