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Sunday, December 09, 2007
Sichuan Trip part 3 -vvv

Day 3: 10 Nov 2007

Rilong town is the base for exploring the Siguniangshan as it is where the three valleys of the scenic area converge at their southern end. From west to east, the three valleys are Shuangqiaogou (Valley of two bridges), Changpinggou (Valley of Long Grass Plain?) and Haizigou (Valley of Lakes). Siguniangshan (Four Girls Mountain) lies between Changpinggou and Haizigou. Siguniangshan, also nicknamed Queen of the Shu Mountains, was the main attraction of the trip. Our plan was to visit the valleys in increasing order of difficulty over three days.

Shuangqiaogou was the easiest and most developed. A road stretches through the entire valley and an official tour bus operates at regular interval. We took the official bus but it might have been a mistake. Since it was off-peak season, the last bus service ends ridiculously early. It was also rather irritating that other tourists kept telling us to move faster (and mildly amusing when one of them accused us of having low IQ).

The day ended pretty early. My mother wasn’t feeling too good. Perhaps it was the high altitude (or maybe it’s just in her mind).

I set up my camera by the window before nightfall. I had witnessed the clear starry night before and was hoping to capture its splendor on film. (It didn't turn out too well. It was surprisingly under-exposed.)

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