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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Weekend Activities: Titoudao -vvz

I watched the re-staged play Titoudao on Saturday with Shuquan and Jiangzheng. I consider this a tried-and-tested show to invest my money in because it won multiple awards in the DBS Life! Theatre Awards and the talented Pam Oei reprises the title role.

This should be quite a nostalgic play for the older audiences. I have never played in a rubber plantation or run around with other children singing nursery rhymes in some Chinese dialect, so I can only imagine what that was like. At least I still have my father to teach me the games he played in his childhood. Children nowadays are missing out so much. I hope they enjoy their tuition, ballet lessons and drama and speech classes.

It is unfortunate that street wayang has withered in recent decades. It is also ironic that while Singapore aims to be an artistic and cultural hub of the region, its policies are partly responsible for the decline of such traditional art forms. How can one not find it difficult to appreciate Chinese opera if one grows up in an environment that discourages dialects? Even now, I am pretty sore about not being able to watch Hong Kong shows in Cantonese. (We can watch TV shows in Korean and Japanese but not Cantonese?!) And I remember even Mandarin was taboo in my primary school days. Only languages with immediate economic value is allowed.

In any case, it was an enjoyable play. As a bonus, I got Beatrice Chia-Richmond's autograph too. There are many memorable scenes, such as the getai performance, Titoudao fights the tiger and the second last scene where Ah Chiam does Sun Wukong, Nezha and the Yang general. I highly recommend watching this play, especially for young couples who spend their weekends wandering aimlessly in the shopping districts of Singapore. The play will be on till the end of the month so it's still not too late to book tickets.

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Yiheng made
9:17 PM


yeah! and When couples start getting tired of wandering around aimlessly on the streets on weekends....they get married
By Blogger Soqcrates, at 11:40 PM  

The good old days when couples still dated in Har Paw Villa.


Best pickup line ever!!

By Blogger Soqcrates, at 11:41 PM  

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