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Friday, March 02, 2007
I am a Greater Mind! -vwv

First, some free advertising for my employer. Hopefully, someone high up is reading my blog and gives me a big raise for this.

The words are rather small but it says "DSTA Scholarship - For Greater Minds". I don't usually read ads but it's not everyday that you see your once nerdy-looking ex-classmate who resembled your art teacher take up half the cover of the newspaper. I think she actually looks better in person though. Anyway, I went on to read the smaller text below:
Are you the Greater Mind we seek? Can you decipher the code above?

If yes, take up the DSTA Scholarship and unlock your Greater Mind to realise its fullest potential...

Code. Now that caught my attention. So I looked at the picture again and there it is.

Now, this looks like the ASCII code of common English letters in hexadecimal. Unfortunately I did not memorize ASCII or Unicode or have any such tables with me, so I just attacked it the old-fashioned way - statistical analysis and intelligent guessing. And this is what I got: "Inspired to be a Greater Mind We are waiting for you".

I hope this is not what the Army is using for encryption, otherwise we are screwed. And since I managed to decipher the code, I am a GREATER MIND! Wow, what a cool title. I wonder who came up with the term Greater Mind. It immediately reminds me of those collectively-conscious hive-minded alien species, like the Zerg from StarCraft or the Borg from Star Trek.

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Yiheng made
10:33 PM


Congrats...looks like DSTA employed the right person after all. It probably takes someone as quirky (or bored) in the organisation to come up with something like this. Having a 'Greater Mind' sounds alot better than being a 'Futurnaut' which was what they advertised themselves to be the last career fair (shivers). I loved the way the HR speaker referred to the anti-air guided missiles system as 'that missile thingy'
By Blogger Soqcrates, at 2:10 AM  

Wah, I haven't heard the term Futurenaut for so long, you still remember haha. You must have Greater Memory!
By Anonymous yiheng, at 12:47 PM  

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