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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
The Selective Persistence of Memory -vwv

I attended a talk about intellectual property on Monday by Dr Toh See Kiat. Dr Toh was the guest-of-honour during my secondary school graduation ceremony or something like that about 9 years ago. Our school's gift to the VIP was one of my ceramic pots, which was my more unusual and experimental work. The headmaster invited me to shake his hand because of that. Coincidentally, a few weeks later, I met him again at an award ceremony his daughter was attending. Then I never saw him again...until Monday.

It's funny how I can recognize this guy after so many years despite not really knowing him and yet on Tuesday, when a guy who used to be a clerk in my army unit tapped my shoulder on the train, I had no idea who he is. He looked Indian, which should narrow down the possibilities but my brain died on me. It's strange how memory works.

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Yiheng made
7:27 PM


Yup we do choose what we remember. A common rule of thumb in explaining this would be that our mind subconsciously tries to forget unpleasant or things associated with unpleasant events. And vice versa commit to memory events which left warm and fuzzy feelings from long ago
By Blogger Soqcrates, at 2:14 PM  

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