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Saturday, October 28, 2006
Eleet Unkaring Fayce -vvw

Recently, RJC students WSM and MOCA made some "elitist" remarks that got them flamed so bad, they had to close their blogs. I'm too lazy to put up any links but you can find what they wrote quite easily by searching technorati or checking A lot of people were saying how these RJC kids are cowards who don't stand up for what they wrote, closing their blogs and running away...etc.

Frankly, I think that's a smart move. You can't reason with a fanatic. After all, 三十六計,走為上策 (Of the Thirty-Six Strategies, fleeing is best). Anyone who wants to stand up against the mob has a death wish. If you watch enough movies, you'll learn that characters who, when accused of being a coward, try to prove otherwise, usually end up getting killed.

Anyway, that's all I'm going to say about the WSM and MOCA issue. I sure don't want to get involved in this witch hunt. I'm really scared of fanatics. It's true. When I was in ***, someone thought it was a good idea to send speakers to prepare us for the next stage in life. I was told how we might get ostracized by people who were not from ***, how we are different and that people will treat us differently, be prepared to live like outcasts, stuff like that.

So as far as possible, I tried not to let people know that I was from *** unless they asked me directly. And since not many people knew, I got to hear opinions about *** that were normally reserved for non-*** ears. That, together with the blogs and comments I've read on the internet only serve to verify what I was told. Maybe I'm being paranoid but there's a large following of anti-*** fanatics out there just waiting for an excuse to start the next cyber-crusade.

I also happen to be one of those ### guys. I try to avoid telling people I'm ### too because there is also an anti-### cult out there. I suspect the anti-### and anti-*** groups have many common members, although I can't be certain. Anti-### fanatics are scary too. A girl (whom I have never met) once told me during a social event that she hated ### people and that ### people are all (insert derogatory terms here). That was immediately after someone leaked out my little secret. I was speechless but I took a step back because the expression on her face gave me the impression that she was gonna take a kitchen knife out of her handbag and stab me in the chest.

Now you know why I'm so scared of fanatics. By the way, *** and ### are not RJC, I was never from RJC and I'm not defending WSM and MOCA either. So pray people, don't go sticking elite labels with concentric circles and crosshairs on me.

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