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Monday, July 10, 2006
Packed Weekend Part 1 -vvv vvz

It's been an activity packed weekend for me. Actually, the fun started before the weekend.

Thursday: Superman Returns

Caught the movie with Len Chow and Jiangzheng. I liked it, although I must say I agree with the critics that the Lois Lane character was the weak link. Perhaps it's just the script. I always imagined Lois Lane to be more of an ultra-reporter than an emotionally conflicted person.

There are a lot of familiar elements in the movie. I'm not sure which are intended tributes and references and which are just coincidences. I thought that some of the planets shown during the opening sequence were so strange looking, I suspected they were planets from the comics but since I don't read comics, I can't be sure.

Then there was the Luthor talk about technology looking like magic. I'm certain that was Asimov. And the scene where Superman was hovering above the Earth listening to people talking in different languages reminds me of the opening of the movie Contact.

I thought it was a good idea to keep some of the musical themes from the last Superman movies. I like moments I can identify from the earlier Superman movie, like Superman's speech about flying being safe and Luthor's talk about real estate.

This was a cool movie. One would need to at least watch the first Superman movie to appreciate it though. Following the comics would be even better but that's just too much work for me.

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