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Friday, June 30, 2006
Songs and Codes -vvv

It's been a month since I started working and I think I am finally starting to get into that comfortable routine state. And that means that I just might be able to extract some time to work on a new mini-project. I currently have two projects in mind.

The first is a National Day song generator, which seems appropriate since National Day is drawing near. I was flipping through my old primary school songbook and I discovered many songs with the word Singapore in them that I do not even know existed. With so many buzzwords-filled songs to draw from, I think a song generator isn't that far-fetched eh?

The second is a computer program to create an encryption algorithm. I think many people loved secret codes at some point in their lives. It just seems so cool to encrypt one's messages even though there isn't really anything important to hide. I came across a cryptography website a while ago and it sort of rekindled my interest in encryption. I've always wanted to create an ultra-powerful virtually unbreakable encryption algorithm of my own but of course I later realized that that wasn't as easy as I thought. Besides, why the heck would I need so much security? Anyway, I've got an idea for a simple algorithm right now and I hope I can find the time to actually write a computer program to test it out.

I also learnt a new word from reading about the topic - steganography. The word looks alien but the concept is actually not foreign at all. Wikipedia calls steganography the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the intended recipient knows of the existence of the message. I remember seeing people doing this in a movie involving Empress Cixi. Pre-defined square holes in a piece of paper shows the real message when placed over a letter. Only the chinese characters that form the hidden message are visible through the holes.

I have actually hidden a message in the farewell-message-for-graduating-students section in my university faculty yearbook, which I was quite proud of. And the editors didn't suspect a thing ha! This was what I wrote:
I Had A Tough Experience Completing Hard Exams. Although They're So Difficult, I Enjoyed Myself. Occasionally Remind Ourselves: Never Say Die In Engineering!
See if you can figure out the real message. It should be quite obvious since I've already pointed out the existence of a hidden message.

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10:51 PM


My ans:


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