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Sunday, March 05, 2006
Podcasts -vwv

I've only discovered podcasts recently, although I've heard about them for a long time now. Podcasts are really neat. Unfortunately, I have not found many podcasts that can keep me interested for long. So far, I only got two on my iPod that I watch/listen regularly.

This is essentially a video game review show. The reviews are hilarious, especially for games that are bad. Everyone who doesn't hate video games should watch this.

Slacker Astronomy
This is an audio podcast for the extremely few people who thinks that astronomy is more than identifying constellations in the sky or a way of impressing girls. I really like this show; they present the materials in an easily digestible manner and yet does not insult my intelligence. The show covers a wide variety of topics including novas, comets, satellite dwarf galaxies, etc. (these are the recent topics because I only started subscribing recently).

Hey, if anyone knows of any other interesting podcasts, be sure to tell me about it.

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