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Sunday, January 08, 2006
Killing Spree and Blood Fest

Killing Spree
I played the longest game of Dota on Friday. So long that I managed to get this

and this

and so I could do this

over and over again.

Then yesterday, I killed the Bhaalspawn Yaga-Shura

who turned out to be disappointingly weak. But that's ok cuz after that I went on to kill a few hundred other insignificant creatures, some of which left some pretty good stuff behind.

Blood Fest
I watched two movies this weekend on VCD and DVD. The first is a Korean horror flick titled Red Shoes, which wasn't very appropriate because the shoes were more pink than red. The movie was full of blood. There was this scene where blood just kept pouring from the ceiling like a river. Then there was another scene where a little girl just kept bleeding as if she was menstruating out of control or something. The most creative must be the part where it started snowing blood. That's right, frozen bloodflakes! The movie didn't make much sense. It was more gross than scary and it left me pretty confused.

The other movie was Takeshi Kitano's Zatoichi. This movie was cool! People get sliced up quite a lot here and blood gushes out like the Mirage Fountain. The protagonist Zatoichi is a blind swordsman but he is practically invincible. And his cane-sword is sharper than any laser-cut steel blade modern technology can produce. In one scene he cut a stone structure in two pieces so quickly that you barely see the blade move past. The strange thing is with such bloody victims, you never see sword owners cleaning their blades and yet their blades are always so clean and shiny. But overall, I like this movie. A nice balance of action and humour.

It's a pity I'll be going for an army exercise soon so no more games or movies for a while. But I'll be back and when I do, heheheh, DIE Abazigal! DIE Sendai!!!

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