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Saturday, November 08, 2008
The Solar System -vww

I came across this picture on Wikipedia a while ago and thought it gave a good idea of the scale of distances in the vicinity of the Sun. The unit of measurement is AU (Astronomical Unit), which is the distance between the Earth and the Sun (that's why Earth is at 1AU).

As seen in the diagram, interstellar distances are mind-bogglingly immense (notice the exponential scale). Even 1AU is far by human standards. Light takes more than 8 minutes to travel 1AU; it takes light only 1.3 seconds to reach the Moon.

Most people are probably not so familiar with the Heliosphere. It is the layer of the Sun sustained by the pressure of the solar wind. The Heliosphere deflects a large portion of dangerous galactic cosmic radiation, quite similar to how the Earth's magnetosphere protects us from the powerful solar winds. The Heliosphere has been in the spotlight lately due to new data that shows it has been shrinking. In addition, there is the recently launched IBEX spacecraft that will be sent beyond Earth's magnetosphere to take measurements of the Heliosphere among other tasks.

p.s. Wikipedia has a great diagram for explaining Termination Shock that involves a tap and a basin.

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