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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Serving NS is really inconvenient. I kinda missed my days in Toronto when I can just go watch any concerts or performances whenever I want. Last year, I missed the Tchaikovsky Festival due to an army exercise in Thailand. And now I will miss Lea Salonga's performance at the Esplanade because of another army thing. I'm hoping to catch Swan Lake by the Royal Ballet from UK but wait...that's in June, which means there's a very very high chance I'll be in Thailand again for another army exercise. So you people out there better be real grateful I'm missing all these great shows so that you won't get hit by a bomb falling from the sky when strolling along Orchard Road!

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Yiheng made
3:34 AM


erm... the most is we get arty shells landing on Esplanade due to poor comm....(hope you dont do it on purpose, unintentional is ok)

I wanted to watch Lea Salonga too... Forgot abt the whole thing in the end... (-_-lll)

By Blogger Trinetra, at 12:48 AM  

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